Gear Guide

It is not our goal to have parents rush out and spend a great deal of money on expensive new equipment in order for their son/daughter to participate in Outdoor Education activities. Rather, it is our hope that we can assist you in making use of existing equipment that you own or may borrow. If you are going to make new purchases, this information will hopefully assist you in making choices that will serve your son/daughter in the future. COAST students and parents will receive more infomation on gear through meetings and the COAST Handbook.
This guide has been designed to assist students at Gleneagle Secondary School in making good decisions about the types of equipment to organize and to pack for outdoor education activities.
Each activity offered through COAST has specific requirements and a unique packing list. During the COAST Program, we will advise students to adjust their packing accordingly. Below is a general packing list that applies to most multi-day trips. Please note, cotton is not a suitable fabric for outdoor activities
during COAST. 
  • Sleeping bag (-12c will suit all trips)
  • Sleeping pad (may borrow schools)
  • Water bottle (reusable style is best, not disposable)
  • Headlamp (small)
  • Sun protection system (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses)
  • Hiking boots  (with a lug sole and waterproof)
  • Rain jacket and pants
  • 1-2 Pants (nylon quick dry)
  • 1 Shorts (nylon quick dry)
  • 2 T-Shirt (polyester quick dry)
  • 1 Sweater (fleece or wool)
  • 2-3 Underwear
  • 2-3 Socks (preferably wool or synthetic)
  • 1 Long underwear top (quick dry)
  • 1 Long underwear bottoms (quick dry)
  • 2 Toques
  • 2 Lightweight/Midweight mittens or gloves