Sea Kayaking

Paddling in WavesOne of the more challenging and fascinating aspects of the COAST program is the opportunity to enjoy trips on the ocean.  It is a wonder that such a small craft - like the kayak - can be so versatile in such a grand environment.  As our fourth trip, our essential skill development requires that there is always good judgement before embarking on a day trip.

Kayaks are wonderful in that they can glide close to the shoreline. The paddler can intimately enjoy the wonders of the tidal variations and sealife that suffuses the inter-tidal zones.  

Then, we enjoy secluded camping spots that provide shelter from the elements and fuel for warmth and comfort.  Abandoned villages and middens create opportunities to visit and understand the past.  It is a journey that goes back in time.  What a wonderful and fulfilling experience is afforded by the use of the simple craft called - kayak.