The Canoe Trip

Evening lightAfter some expert instruction on local lakes followed by an intense three days on Vancouver Island, the participants are ready for their year-end adventure on the Bowron Lakes.  All of the students are prepared for paddling; and much more.  They are able to take care of themselves for all their simple needs in the wilderness, for example: putting up their shelters, cooking meals, protection from storms (the storms always arrive - one day or another!).  Getting along with each other on an extended trip can be a challenge and requires good judgement and common sense.  Then the students have to burn lots of calories as they confront the long and hilly portage trails.  Finally, there is that very important aspect of our program, that of practicing LEADERSHIP skills!

Take a look at our gallery below with some rather nice images of the Bowrons.  It is no wonder that the students come home exhilarated by the sheer majesty of this world famous wilderness area. And the sense that 'They DID It'.