Basic Requirements


COAST 10 and COAST 11 Basic Requirements

  • Applicants must pass all core subjects (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, P.E., and a second language). This requirement is in place because COAST involves an intensified academic curriculum, integrated with outdoor adventures.
  • Applicants must be willing to challenge themselves physically and to be prepared to push themselves out of their comfort zone. This requirement is in place because physical exertion is a part of all trips, and a lack of willingness to endure physical exertion can place an individual or an entire group at risk.
  • Applicants must be committed to creating a social environment that supports respect and responsibility. This requirement is in place because a lack of respect or responsibility can create safety concerns during COAST trips - students must be able to listen and respond to all reasonable instructions. As a measure of respect and responsibility, students must receive generally positive comments from past or present teachers, counselors, or administrators.
  • Each applicant must complete the application form (including two references) and an interview. Please note that grade 9 applicants participate in a one hour group interview in addition to the individual interview. Grade 10's applying for COAST 11 need to attend the individual interview only.