COAST Promotional Video

Let's Show you Who and What we are!

This is a short video that presents an exciting view of COAST!  It covers the main events of this diverse program.  A program designed to encourage self respect and self-determination!



Coast Student Application


Coast LogoDue by 4:00pm Friday January 29th, 2021 (send online or drop off paper copy to Room 104)

Grade 9 students who wish to apply for COAST 2022 (spring semester of Grade 10) need to complete this COAST Application Form in full.  Students are required to write a supporting letter and either: upload it to this application form or hand it at Room 104.  Paper copies of the application form are available in Room 104, the Coast Room. All applicants will receive an interview during the first week of Februay (February 1-5, 2021). Please add COAST to your Gleneagle APP for notifications (COAST is found under "programs" on the APP). To sign up for an interview, please visit Room 104 and the sign up sheet is on the door. Interviews will be about 10 minutes each and students can choose a virtual meeting on Teams, or face to face socially distancing and wearing a mask, in the Coast Room. Interviews will be available in a variety of time slots to provide flexibility for students, outside of class time. All applicants will receive an electronic letter sent through your Gleneagle student email on February 11th, 2021. 

This Online form requires you to upload your Application Letter.  You can do this using the following form:

Please download this file and prepare it before filling out the main online form below. This is so that you will be able to upload the form to the Application as you complete filling out certain sections of this form. You will notice that some fields in the form are marked with a red asterisk (*). This incates that they are required before submitting the form.  

We require your full name and email address


Contact details for one parent or Guardian


Successful COAST candidates show leadership potential, are open to challenging themselves, and are organized with their academic and co-curricular involvement.

Provide evidence for the criteria required above - outdoor experience is helpful but not mandatory.  Please list any relevant experiences that would contribute to your success in COAST: team, clubs, school trips, community programs, summer camps, and family outings.  Also include any awards that you may have gained.  Upload directly to this form!

The following are consider to be essential criteria 

  • Demonstrated Positive Attitude
  • Commitment to a social environment that supports respect and responsibility
  • Commitment to environmental ethics
  • Self-motivated and able to take initiative
  • Reasonable time management and organizational skills
  • In good standing in curricular and co-curricular involvement
  • Ability to work with a group of people towards a common goal

As part of your application package, you are required to submit a letter that will be examined by the selection committee indicating the following: 
a)   Why do you want to be part of COAST?
b)   In what ways do you hope to grow from being part of the program?
c)   What will you be able to contribute to the program? (example: skills and character attributes)
d)   Describe a challenge that you have overcome, and what you learned from the experience.
e)   You can download this file: Application Letter Complete this form before finishing this form. 

Applicants do not have to be 'A' students, but do have to be passing their courses.  A strong work ethic and the ability to manage their time is important for success in COAST.  Students need to demonstrate a willingness to work hard, including completing assignments on time.  Please identify two teachers who know you well. Please also ensure that those teachers are aware that you are using them to support your application.  We will consult with them to help us in making our decisions.

It is important that students read the following statement and indicate their agree by checking the two check boxes.

All applicants must confirm they have parents/guardian support for this application to the COAST program.

The Arts - Poetry

The Bowron Lakes - by Jason

The Bowron Lakes

Listen, listen closely,
Listen to the river roaring,
Hear the endless beating of the rocks,
Focus in on the rare sounds of life.

Screw that.

Open your eyes,
Life is all around us,
Trees shoot up from the nurtured soil,
Plants blossom,
Ducks ferry across the river,
Birds soar the skies,
And the bears keep their distance from the humans.
All this from a river.

Breath in.
Smell the freshness of the air,
Take in the smell of an class A provincial park,
Forget about the city life, forget about school, forget about the rules, forget about politics,
This is what you lived for,
To be surrounded by everything you are allergic to.

Grab on.
Lean against a tree while you give in to the irresistible urge to sneeze,
Feel the texture of the tree,
The complexity of Mother Nature.
Just like when you were a baby, grab and feel everything,
Ponder over how all of this was made,
Think about how life was created,
What is the meaning of life?

Wake up!
You are hungry and that’s all that matters,
Shove food into your mouth as you sit around the stove,
Taste the pigments of dirt in your food,
Drink your river water.

Oh, you’re not full yet?
Well too bad, that’s all you are having today.
Go to sleep with the crave for food,
Dream about your house filled with snacks,
Pass out in your sleeping bag as you wish for your favourite snack.
Good morning.
Canoe down the river with a empty stomach,
You’re weak, you’re bonking, you’re not focused, and you are going down a river.
Welcome to the Bowron Lakes.

The Arts - Cinematography

This NEWEST section of the website will include various 'videos' that have been create by the COAST students during their various adventures.  We begin with the first of these done by Jayden on the Bowron Lakes trip in May of 2016.



Manning Winter Trip